How to Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos/Media to iPhone Camera Roll?

How to Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos/Media to iPhone Camera Roll? – The process of having the applications on our mobile is to enjoy the facilities given by app which we download. WhatsApp makes it easier for communication and knowing different aspects of information. These free apps give you the options of talking to people through chat and keep updated with different updates. In other words, it makes the world ‘a small place to live in’. This app is on every person’s smart mobile and every person smart talk. Friends, acquaintances and many more get to know each other through this single app which has become popular throughout in the cell phone platform.

How to Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos/Media to iPhone Camera Roll


WhatsApp is the most popular app throughout the world. It is only because of the easy accessibility and better option to communicate that has made it so popular. This app gives you the option of sending pictures to the numbers that you have in your WhatsApp group. You could send Videos as well. This app enables you send a message to more than one person as a copy of the message and it would still appear that you have sent to all of them from your id directly. The clips of audio and videos, something similar to what the messenger does, here the app does for you. In other words, this app has more features which are user-friendly. The voice calling feature allows you to call your friends and message them through the web portal.

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Apart from all the different features offered by the app, we sometimes feel that there is also something available which keeps you secured in terms of the information in the mobile. To learn about the app is very important before using it. Hence, you have to know the same and completely understand before even using it at large. There are different kinds of information written on the usage of the app, through articles published or even through your friends and family. However, as they say, unless you do not learn to hold the pencil, you would not know to write. Similarly, learn through the errors that you have committed.

The steps to help you to stop the photos and videos in the iPhone camera roll:

It is usually the ‘cut’ feature that comes to the rescue when you want to take off all that which you do not find very important. When there are some photos and videos in the app store which would not be appreciated on a public forum, it is better to cut them.

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For this there are different steps followed:

1 st Method: Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos/Media to iPhone Camera Roll

Step1: Under this method, the photo uploaded in the ‘app’ is deleted. If not, it is then transferred to camera roll option in iPhone, where publicly it cannot be watched. The first step is to go to the settings part in which you would have the privacy option and tap on the same.

Step2: Once you are on this screen, you will find the ‘Photos’ option where you can tap and parallel switch off the WhatsApp option switch. In this way you could see the pictures or videos in the WhatsApp but not in iPhone camera roll section. In other words, it would not be seen on the front page by anyone else while using the phone.

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2 nd Method: Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos/Media to iPhone Camera Roll

Step1: Go to WhatsApp and tap on settings. It is found by browsing from the below most part of the menu.

Step2: In this you would find the ‘Chats’ option and tap on the same.

Step3: Once you tap on the ‘chats’ you have switched off the option ‘Save Incoming Media’. This will disable the ‘option’ of saving pictures on the camera roll.

3 rd Method: Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos/Media to iPhone Camera Roll

Another option to stop the pictures being saved in the camera roll would be to turn down the ‘option’ of providing permission. This is when the app asks you to let the access to your photos; the photo is not transferred to camera roll and will save from viewing the same by the third user.

Importance of storing the images in WhatsApp:

Usually, when the downloads happen, it gets stored in the camera roll as well and due to the above-mentioned option, the same will be ‘disabled’ and not transferred to the camera roll. It is a very good option to stop the images being seen on public platforms.

There could be various reasons to why the pictures on ‘camera roll’ should be stopped to appear. However, one of them is due to the fact; many of us would not feel comfortable in using the phone with the images sent that is not appreciating to watch in public. The same applies to the videos as well. At times we even forget to delete them and hence, set an ‘option’ in the phone, then you are able to see them from the ‘WhatsApp’ prospect, but not on the main screen of the photos which is the camera roll option would not show it.


It is also on privacy grounds that the ‘camera off’ option is used. You could also make sure that images downloaded are not a sarcastic option on its appearance. Maintaining one’s own privacy and not allowing showcase of pictures or videos to save time and situational aspect which demands the concept of providing space to save or store images in a place where required. The options have their own ways to stop the images being stored in the camera roll.

Apart from getting together your friends and relative along with acquaintances, WhatsApp has made the process of saving and saving the images in those places where required. It gives more accessible approach towards the usage of the options and freedom to choose them on the basis of the need and necessity. Hence, these have become some of the main reasons to use the app at the largest extent. Apps have created a lot of difference both on communication side and that of the technology. To embrace it in the right sense is with us, hence, let’s being positive in our approach towards the same with confidence to learn more.

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