Sonic Mania Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer

Sonic Mania Release Date: The Sonic Mania has come up with the new trailer. Sonic Mania game has released by the Sega. In this Sonic Mania game, you will be able to see the blue hedgehog which is going to back to his 2D roots. In this game, Sega has chosen the overhaul classic levels instead […]

The Evil Within 2 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer

The Evil Within 2 Game: Hello readers. Do you have any interest to know something about the new games which is having the latest Release Dates, Gameplay and trailers? If so then we are here to provide the entire information about the new releases and trailers of the games. Today we are going to deal […]

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Hello everyone… Are you waiting for the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer? Then read this entire session to get the full details. Mario + the Rabbids Kingdom Battle is the combination of X-COM and Mario. The Mario + is the turn-based strategy, and in this game, we have […]

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer

Life is Strange Season 2 – Life is Strange:: Before the Storm is an adventure game from Dontnod. While this Dontnod has not given them much information about the Season two but the trailer speaks out about what is new in the Life is Strange Season 2. This is a prequel adventure set three years before the events […]

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Release Date: It is the longest running the first person and shooting the series of all the time. In the year of 1992, the Wolfenstein II has released. The game was the genesis of the person shooter genre who runs first. Seven subsequent releases are available in this Wolfenstein II. Wolfenstein series […]

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer

Lost Legacy Release Date: Hello everyone… Today’s article is entirely about Lost Legacy Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer. The Lost Legacy game is solely about the around the corner and meaning naughty dog fans will be off on an adventure for the new treasures. With the experience of the PlayStation, the game has E3 given the players to the […]

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Game – The J.R.R Tolkien’s Story of knights is again back with the video game called Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Game which is the follow up to the seminal Shadow of Mordor. Talion and Celebrimbor return as the protagonists who continue to beat back the Sauron’s forces for many years before the events of […]