Life is Strange: Before the Storm Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer

Life is Strange Season 2 – Life is Strange:: Before the Storm is an adventure game from Dontnod. While this Dontnod has not given them much information about the Season two but the trailer speaks out about what is new in the Life is Strange Season 2 . This is a prequel adventure set three years before the events of seasons one. And it is one of the surprise highlights of 2015 exploring an intimate and personal story in its five episodes. It is having the good emphasis on character arc and relationships over the puzzles.

Life is Strange Season 2


The Life Is Strange is such a welcome surprise which is announced at E3 2017. Three episode prequel is promising to explore the events before the original protagonist Max’s return to the town of Arcadia Bay. Before the storm is under developing the team that is Deck Nine is not same as the Life is Strange sequel under the development of the original squad Dontnod. Here in the upcoming section, you will come to know about the game.

Life is Strange Season 2: Before the Storm

This article includes the gameplay, trailer, and the new episode release dates and the other extra information about the Life is Strange Season 2 is given. This game is available for the Xbox, PS4 and the PC. The first three episodes will release on August 31st, 2017. And unfortunately, there is no word on version, and it is put together for Nintendo Switch even though the new announcement will be unveiled at later.

Life is Strange Season 2

Life is Strange: Before the Storm will be having the new voice cast and the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Debut trailer from Dontnod appears at E3 2017, and it revealed the plenty of teases about what to come from the story. Have a look at the new episode if there is anything new. The Square Enix released a new trailer taking an in-depth look at the Chloe Price. Ashley Burch acts as a creative consultant in her character. This ensures that her personality remains faithful to the source material and her backstory is developed.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Gameplay

This Before the Storm is a three-prequel which is set a few years ago and before the events of the original Life is Strange. For this time we will play as Chole, and the game will explore her relationship with Rachel. She is the girl who is missing the at the events of the original game. There is no time to access the Max so. Therefore, you need to access her rewinding powers. And also you can use the Chole’s Backtalk ability. It is risk conversation that allows Chole to use as her barbed tongue to get her way.

Life is Strange Season 2

And there is no significant change that Chole will have a new voice actor. And other than this there is no major change. Hence Chole will have the voice by Rhianna DeVries.

Different Version of Life is Strange

Are you interested in buying the Life is Strange Season 2 Game then you need to check out the below process. The First one is the complete season which includes the three main editions which cost £13.99/$16.99. If we want we can preorder from the official play station or Xbox stores or Steam or Green Man Gaming for PC.

Life is Strange Season 2

There is no more expensive Deluxe Edition which includes the exclusive content that you will not be able to buy another way. And the deluxe version costs £19.99/$24.99, and for this, you can get the full season, some bonus outfits, a which lets you put together playlists from the soundtrack. And if the Deluxe Version worths the extra cost and you can pre-order from PlayStation, Xbox, Steam or from Green Man Gaming Stores.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm | Trailer

This game is managed to convey the emotions only through music. Ingeniously musical cues blend with the colorful aesthetic create genuinely breathtaking moments. Here you can watch the latest trailer for Life is Strange Season 2.

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