WhatsApp 2.16.278 APK Download for Android – Latest Version

WhatsApp 2.16.278 APK Download for Android – Latest Version – The name WhatsApp sounds like the simple and free texting including all the graphics. The app made the communication easy and also one can connect to each other and make voice calls without spending any money charges except the data charges.

Therefore you can easily enjoy this all in one best application without even paying anything for it. There are some benefits of having the WhatsApp messenger like

WhatsApp 2.16.278 APK Download for Android – Latest Version

  • You can read easily Bold, italics and understood the message
  • Share the documents over the message. You can easily share PDF files with your friends even on group chats which make sharing files faster and easier.
  • Knowing that WhatsApp also consumes a lot of data you can now pertain to the type of data you want to receive and what images or videos should be downloaded over Wi-Fi or even both Wi-Fi and Cellular. So this way you can easily customize the Settings and also save data.
  • Now the best thing about WhatsApp is that’s if you get an important message on the group chat and later it gets lost among the various other group chats you can directly scroll to the message with the help of the Star option. Like using the date reference you can mark the important message.

Also with the launch of the new version, you can easily update your WhatsApp for better features. However, the New Beta version of the WhatsApp app bring along some bugs which needed to be fixed. Nevertheless, you are providing with different additional features that will enlighten your mood too and it will also be bringing in the most awaited Video Calling feature.

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Well, we all have been in love with the free application that has availed us different benefits and now with the new feature of a video call with the latest WhatsApp 2.16.278 APK makes things more pleasant and easy.

  • There are also different additional features that have been added to the for video calls
  • Not only is this the best part of the new update that 10KB has also decreased the installation file.
  • The update brings in the modified files for more than 1160. This makes the working of the WhatsApp more satisfying. Well, you can also see the WhatsApp tester button for the new updates.

And also to download the latest WhatsApp 2.16.278 APK for Android you can easily download it from the Google Play store. The application is free of cost, and you need not work hard to search the latest WhatsApp 2.16.278 APK Download for Android as the WhatsApp update is available on the Google Play store too.

WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free

WhatsApp 2.16.278 APK Download for Android

So if you are looking for the download option for the WhatsApp 2.16.278 APK then follow the below-given steps:

  • To download the latest WhatsApp version you need to go to the Play store
  • In the search box area, you need to type WhatsApp
  • If you have an older version in your phone, then there will be an update button there.
  • Hit on it or install the direct link for the update.

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