WiFiKill APK for Android free Download Latest Version [No Root]

WiFiKill APK for Android free Download Latest Version [No Root] – If the number of your WiFi users increases, it’s obvious that the bandwidth that you receive will decrease. But what is the solution? You can’t go bluntly out there and ask them not to use the common WiFi connection. If you are in this dilemma, then I am here you rescue by giving you the name of an app which is the perfect solution to your problem. WiFiKill APK is an app that helps you to control your WiFi network by disabling the internet connection of the people who are using the same WiFi as yours.

WiFiKill APK for Android free Download Latest Version [No Root]

You must be now wondering how does WiFiKill APK work. Let me explain you it’s working in the next section. After which I will tell you about the features of WiFiKill APK by which you can decide whether you want to have the app on your smartphone or not. If you want to have WiFiKill APK on your device, you can proceed to the last section of the post that tells you about the downloading procedure of WiFiKill for Android APK in few simple steps.

How Does WiFiKill APK Work?

When you run WiFiKill APK on your smartphone which is connected to a public Wi-Fi network, it will fool other people using the same network by showing that your smartphone is the router. After seeing that they will try to get the Wi-Fi network through you. When they do that, WiFiKill APK will disconnect their internet connection. Isn’t that impressive? After understanding the working of WiFiKill APK, let us look at the features that this app provides because it not only gives you the power to disconnect the internet connection of other people.

Features of WiFiKill APK

If you are impressed by reading about the working of WiFiKill APK, wait till you read about the features of WiFiKill.

  • A list will appear in your smart device showing you the devices which are sharing the same WiFi connection as yours.
  • You can see the rate of data transfer of the devices that you have grabbed.
  • Keep a check on the network activity of the devices that are using the same Wi-Fi connections.
  • Name of the devices which are sharing the same WiFi connection will appear on your screen.
  • You have the freedom to disconnect their internet connection if you are using the same Wi-Fi as that of theirs.
  • Supports tablets.

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Are you impressed by the impressive features of WiFiKill APK? It’s type for you to grab the bandwidth that you want to use high-speed internet connection. You must be now curious to know how can you download this app to your device. The next section will deal with this.

WiFiKill APK for Android free Download Latest Version [No Root]

WiFiKill APK for Android free Download Latest Version [No Root]

As you won’t be downloading WiFiKill APK from Google Play Store, you will have to make a few changes in the security section of your smartphone so that you can download and install the app smoothly in your device. You can make the security changes by following the steps given below.

Step 1: Open ‘Settings.’

Step 2: Scroll down to search ‘Security’. Click on it.

Step 3: Under the ‘Device Administration’ section toggle on ‘Unknown Sources’ that says ‘Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

After you are done with following the above-mentioned steps, you are all ready to have WiFiKill APK in your smartphone. Now follow the steps given below to successfully download WiFiKill APK in your device.

Step 1: Open the official website of WiFiKill APK.

Step 2: Scroll down and look for the section ‘Download WiFiKill APK’.

Step 3: Click on the tab that says ‘Download APK.’

Step 4: Wait for the downloading procedure to complete.

Step 5: Click on WiFiKill APK and install the app on your device.

Congrats! Now you can make your high-speed internet connection because you don’ need to share the Wi-Fi bandwidth with some other people. Tell us about your experience with the app. Did you manage to get better internet speed after having this app in your device? Also, share the post with your friends and family who are having trouble because of the shared Wi-Fi connection which they are using. Keep enjoy the internet alone now!

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