How to Download Jetpack Joyride APK for Windows PC Free?

How to Download Jetpack Joyride APK for Windows PC Free? – Jetpack Joyride is an award winning game which is very popular and quite amazing. The game involves a good amount of fun and various jetpacks that help you to complete the levels. This game is available in Google play store on your Smartphone. The game is also available in iOS app store. Jetpack Joyride is an excellent game that once you play you will get addicted to it. The game is quite free and many have downloaded this all over the world.

How to Download Jetpack Joyride APK for Windows PC Free?

Everyone might have downloaded this app in Smartphone or iOS. But, to play this game on the big screen on your laptop, can be quite thrilling as the laptop has so many additional features like the big screen, manual keyboard and mouse connectivity. Here, we can see how to download Jetpack Joyride for your PC .

After installing this app, it is also possible to install various apps like Whatsapp, Temple Run, Subway Surfers and other fascinating games on your PC. Jetpack Joyride is available for free on Google play store and iOS app store. It is a first class Android game. Jetpack Joyride is a simple and amazing game having a selective joyride.

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For ascending touch the screen and release it for descending, as you fly towards higher scores, raining bullets bubbles and rainbows go downwards.

All your favorite plays can be done with just a touch control.

You can have the collection of coins and earn money.

You can pick your favorite jetpack and snazzy outfit which involves lots of thrill.

Download Jetpack Joyride APK for Windows PC Free

When the laptop or PC is configured with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, then, there

is no necessity to download Jetpack Joyride is available in Windows store for free. You just need to open Windows store and search and install the app.

But, if the system is configured with Windows7 or Windows XP then you can follow the below-mentioned instructions to download Jetpack Joyride for PC . Jetpack Joyride is unavailable for Windows7 and Windows XP, but, you can install the same on your PC using the famous Android Emulator Bluestacks. Bluestacks is quite popular and is free of cost.

Step 1: Download Bluestacks offline installer .


Step 2: Download Bluestacks online installer .

Step3: After downloading Bluestacks, install it on your laptop/PC.

Step 4: Now, you may need the APK file of Jetpack Joyride . For this, you need to download it from the internet or search it in the app stores that is available in the Android Emulator-Bluestacks.

Step 5: Now, you need to launch Bluestacks and click on the right button seen on the right top.

Step 6: Make a search for Jetpack Joyride and click on the install button.

Step 7: Open Bluestacks and head to app section and make a click on Jetpack Joyride icon and start playing.

By following the steps, you can download and install Jetpack Joyride APK on PC Windows7/XP/8. Now, you can enjoy this fabulous game on the big screen of your laptop for free. This exciting game has turned out to be the world’s number one game that is enjoyed by millions. Now, you don’t have to worry; if you don’t have a smartphone. You can enjoy this game on the big screen on your PC

How to Download Jetpack Joyride APK for Windows PC Free?

Jetpack Joyride for PC – Features

The following are the main features of Jetpack Joyride for PC.

  • Here the user can select his own joyride.
  • The user can select the character as well as a jetpack.
  • The game is loved and enjoyed by everybody in all age groups.
  • The screen gestures make the game addictive and lovable.

Step by Step Guide to Run Jetpack Joyride for PC

On the internet, you can see a lot of android emulators, but, Bluestacks is the number one among them. Bluestacks can be downloaded from the link provided.

You need to download Bluestacks software from the given link and install on your PC.

Search and download the apk file for the Jetpack Joyride from the internet and store it on your laptop’s hard drive. You can also download from a separate link- jetpack joyride apk .

Do right click on the downloaded apk file and select ‘run’. In the list, there will be many numbers of software, from that, select Bluestacks software. The Bluestacks software starts and the game begin to install.

There is one other way to install the game on your PC. If you want to opt this; you require a working internet connection on your PC. You need to start the Bluestacks software on your PC and click on the search button Enter Jetpack Joyride and you can see the program searching for the game.

After finishing the search, you will be able to see the icon of the game in the drop-down menu. Click and install the game. The game starts downloading and gets installed on Bluestacks.

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Once the game is installed, the icon of the game can be seen on the Bluestacks home screen from where you will be able to play the game anytime you want.

You may use the above two methods to install this fantastic game and enjoy it on your PC without any limitation. These are the useful steps to download and install Jetpack Joyride for your PC. The name of the game itself creates thrill and excitement to millions and it has been downloaded million times from the Google play store.

The hero of the game breaks into the secret laboratory to catch hold of the jetpacks from the hands of an evil scientist. The game is all about the cunningness of the hero to get back the jetpacks and save the world. You can experience the raining of bullets, lasers, and other thrills when you move towards higher level and higher scores.

Now the exciting game is at your fingertips– Enjoy!

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