Parallel Space APK Download | Run Multiple WhatsApp & Instagram Accounts

Parallel Space APK Download | Run Multiple WhatsApp & Instagram Accounts – It is obvious that social media had consumed our lives in a way that it has become part and parcel of our lives. Applications like Whatsapp and Instagram has been the best way of communication and chatting for the generation. But the policy also says that only one application will run on the device that means you will not be able to run Multiple WhatsApp & Instagram Accounts on your device.

However, for the security purpose, the idea seems right but sometimes when you run multiple accounts it becomes easy for you to manage work and also the contacts. To run more than one WhatsApp account on your Android device without rooting, you can also download the Parallel Space Apk directly from Play Store.

And living in this age of software there has been nothing that we desire and which could not be fulfilled. Also, we know that there are so many people with more than one mobile number, even they have two accounts for Gmail and Facebook account too.

Parallel Space APK Download | Run Multiple WhatsApp & Instagram Accounts

Having two accounts – for games like hay day, the clash of clans and also candy crush has been common as it eventually helps you to face easy game plans. But the most difficult part about having multiple accounts for different applications is that you need to log out from the first account from the other to use the second account.

So to make this tedious work easier, it is necessary that one can easily have Parallel Space Apk for Android without rooting. With Parallel Space we can login using a different account in the same app and the same smartphone. Now the main question arises that how can we make it easier for us to log in with different accounts to run the same apk.

Now with the Parallel Space APK Download for Android, the apk makes a separate parallel space in your device. The parallel apk makes it useful to manage the social media accounts also with the different profiles with applications. Around 99% of the applications which are available on the Google Play Store can be easily virtualized using the Parallel Space Multi Accounts feature for the app.

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So to install and launch the parallel WhatsApp accounts, the OGWhatsApp apk, and WhatsApp apk are the alternative Android apk. However using the OGWhatsApp and WhatsApp apk for running the WhatsApp account is a tedious process and it even not official. Therefore using the two Whatsapp/Instagram accounts on a single Android phone is a cakewalk with the Parallel Space android app. and to run the dual accounts on your Android device you can run the parallel WhatsApp accounts. So if you are now looking for the steps to download the Parallel space apk then follow the below-given steps:

How to install Parallel Space APK for Android?

First of all, you need to make sure that your Android device’s setting is marked to accept the apk files from the unknown sources. (If not you can go to Settings and then Change them).

  1. Then you must visit at via your device to have the latest version of the Parallel Space APK for Android.
  2. Click on download link or tab given on the page and wait for it to get downloaded
  3. Hit enter and install Parallel Space APK.

Or to download Parallel Space Apk for Android you can directly go to the Google play store and follow the given steps:

  • Type Parallel Space in the search box area
  • The Parallel Space icon will appear on the screen
  • Tap the icon and the installation will begin.
  • Once installed you can see the screen notifying to set up a dual WhatsApp/ Instagram or any other Android app without rooting.
  • Then you need to tap on the + symbol to add dual WhatsApp or any other application

Afterward, you will be prompted to add an Android application, select Whatsapp from the list to run two WhatsApp accounts on a single Android device. You may even choose a different application to have its second account. So enjoy gaming with a different account on a single handset!

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