Sims 5 Release Date, Features, Trailer, Gameplay

Sims 5 Release Date, Features, Trailer, GameplayWe all love playing games, and video gaming is one such thing that we cannot deny resisting from. One such game, which has made its presence remarked upon, is the Sims. It is a life simulation series of video games that is developed by EA (Electronic Arts). Another game that got its popularity is the FIFA. It has been played and loved a lot by all the users. Sims is a life simulation video game series, developed by EA and the company has already sold more than 200 million copies of the game, and it has also become one of the best-sold video game series.

About the games in the Sims series

All the games in the Sims series are designed largely by the sandbox games. In that, there are different patterns and gameplay set. The players use to create virtual people and places, and it keeps the things in progress for a great work. You will fall in love with the graphics and the gameplay once you heart heading with the story line. The game is amazing to play, let us guide you towards the basic peripherals of the place.

Sims 5 Release Date, Features, Trailer, Gameplay

Sims 5 Release Date

The release date yet to be disclosed

The first series of The Sims was released in the year 2000 in the month of February, and it has got an enormously positive response from the audience. The interrogation and the conversations between the world of the characters are fun and indulging. With other features, such as the beautiful landscapes, furniture and other words that can be easily bought from the Play Store made the game interesting. It has been developed as one of the best games with overall good and indulging graphics. People have quite a few expectations from SIMS 5 with many additional features to be added. However since 2000 until 2017 only 4 games have been launched so we can see that there is usually a gap of 4 to 5 years in the launch of every game. The news of the release of Sims 5 release date has been declared in the year 2018.

Sims 5 Release Date, Features, Trailer, Gameplay

SIMS 5 Features and Gameplay

The best thing about Sims 5 game is that it can be played by people of all age groups. Let us scroll down for the features and the gameplay. If we compare to previous versions of the game then this time the styling of the character with the change since their hairstyles will be seen.

  • A variation in the hairstyles can be encountered.
  • Change in the Facial textures like the eyes, dimples, nose and other expressions are wonderfully done and fixtures of the nose bridging, and cheeks have also been done in a good detailing process.
  • The other detailed and varied feature that can be encountered is the change in the eye color that is making the character look rather beautiful. The variation in skin tone is remarkable, and it has been changed to fair, dark, blue and green. These have made it identical to the characters.
  • The body modifications that gives a spectacular 3-D look makes it impressive and using the advanced options one can customize the character in their way.
  • Buying a model of the house with 3bhk, 4bhk or 5bhk have allowed adding more number of people to the place. It has been such a wonderful experience to add to some people in the house and start on with the conversation.
  • The surrounding of the house has been made relevant and to look well formed with so many features like the garden, swimming pool, and the decorated fences.

Not only this, but there is a lot more to be discovered in the depth of the games. As the game unfolds, you will be directed towards the place that exists only in imagination, but you can virtually visualize it and see the outcome. Design, play and enjoy the hold on the characters and become one of them.

Trailer SIMS 5

It will surely carry a lot of graphics and animations with so many 3-D effects that can certainly make a change from its last games. So, to every SIMS lover, you will be experiencing a lot of fun and bee things with this amazing updates.

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