NBA 2K18 Release Date, Features, Trailer, Gameplay

NBA 2K18 Release Date, Features, Trailer, Gameplay: There are so many people with different taste in their sports but when it comes to playing it in video games surely the person bend upon something that is at the odds. You may be in love with FIFA and so on this fantastic basketball game too. NBA is another such game in the gaming industry that has been receiving a great response from all its fans.

NBA Basketball Video game series has been a real big success among the audience. The NBA 2K18 is big news in the market and 2k17 has been a good game for all the lovers. However, there is always some space left for the improvement. NBA gives you the best videos and gameplay for the video gaming, and with the unique ideas, you get to see a lot of integration.

You will be introduced to various new levels of the games and moreover here is a lot more to be seen. Various new features are introduced in the series that can be put up in the 2K18 series of the game. As per the news, the release date of NBA 2k18 will be in the month of October.

NBA 2K18 Features and Gameplay

In gaming, there is always a scope for change and improvement. Therefore, you get to see a lot many different updates that keep on emerging with the same.

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In NBA 2K18, you will see that the career mode allows the players to have online availability of the game to play and pair with all the online players.

You can even set the players that you wish to be on your team and play with the best players.

The game would be a good start from the High school which later allows putting for College story line with the storyline that follows up the road to glory. It is realistic for the NCAA Games. You can easily let the physical players play more rather than making up for a tight defense and cut scenes in the gameplay.


The gameplay revolves around the storyline where you get to see a lot, story, and Nicknames set for the players. This same gameplay is to be seen in the series of many gaming modes in 2K16 mode, and the coming. However, it was not much supported by the fans. But with the coming series of 2K18 series, there are so many options that frame in like you get chose the

  • story
  • ethnicity race
  • voice and
  • name the players themselves

You will get to choose the flexibility to have the cut scenes which should be based on the player’s choice which will make their involvement in the NBA game much more real.

Like you can even have different voices for the players from different countries such as

  • France,
  • Spain,
  • America and much more

This touch of personalized and customization make the game interacting and indulging. You can also add various additional features that will help you to involve yourself in the game.

Also, you can enjoy the recognition features introduced with vast and accurate options of setting up the

  • skin tone,
  • A proper and full body scans to make a perfect build up for the NB players as per their height and their size.


Moreover, we know that the professional basketball players have a robust look with definitely a great height too. Also, the players will get to have some awesome features that will include the customization of the players on the parameters of Strength,

  • speed,
  • agility,
  • accuracy

Other important things to add the personalization of the self-player can be given the options such as

  • hustle,
  • hands verticals,
  • IQ as their features

Now based on the ranking of the players you can attribute it by placing them according to the features that you have categorized them into.

All these things will help you to differentiate between the players. The best thing about the game is that the differentiation in not based on the size but the play style and in the quality. You will get to see and look for a better and good gamer. We hope that NBA 2k18 will be a proven better version of the previous.

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