[APK] How to Get Spotify Premium For Free on Android

[APK] How to Get Spotify Premium For Free on Android – We all love listening to music, and everyone has a taste of her or his own for music. Therefore the playlist varies accordingly. So how would be good enough if you can easily find your favorite playlists anywhere you go, and on all the devices that you own.

Now you must be thinking that you will have to use a sharing apk or something to transfer the songs and then make a playlist. Well, all this seems to be tedious, and you need not do any of it. With the help of Spotify Premium, you can share your favorite playlist with just one click.

The Spotify Premium apk helps to share your favorite playlists to different devices that you own so that you can enjoy a hindrance free music. However, since it is the premium version, it will cost you with a price as it provides some features which are not given in the free version. Though you can still have access to the free version which is with limited features!

[APK] How to Get Spotify Premium For Free on Android

Many of us love to listen to music and pass the time. Therefore, nobody would like to ruin their music experience by compromising with the mood. As listening to the favorite music with bad quality or low internet speed is seriously very disturbing.

Features of Spotify Premium apk

  • Since we see the word, premium added to if this means that the app comes up with the extended features.
  • These extended features would cost you with a price they are worth for.
  • You can easily play the music of any genre, create playlists or even play any random song on demand.
  • The Spotify Premium allows you to listen to the songs in HD quality.
  • You can save the songs offline and download the music without any interruption of advertisements.

The basic question that arises in tour mind would be whether you have to pay for the Spotify Premium subscription every month, but no you may get it for free as well! Yes, you heard it right. You can easily get the Spotify premium subscription completely free of cost. There is a simple trick that you need to follow to download the Spotify Premium apk for Android.

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There is another modified app for the Spotify Premium that works the same. Whereas the original Spotify app that could open up only some of the premium features of the app like

  • unlimited skips and
  • Track specified playback.

With the help of the modified version you can easily download the Spotify version, and this version is compatible with a different android version which is still running on Gingerbread. However, just one thing which is you may have to pay for the upgrade features.

[APK] How to Get Spotify Premium For Free on Android

[APK] How to Get Spotify Premium For Free on Android

There are two ways by which you can download the Spotify Premium apk for Free.

Download Modified Spotify Premium App for Free

Since the Spotify premium app is not available on the Google play store, therefore, you can use any APK mirror app to download it and the install it on the Android device you are using.

Download Spotify Premium APK – Click Here

Keep in mind that to install this app, make sure that you have enabled the option that allows app installations from Unknown Sources in the Setting.

Login to Spotify Premium App via your Spotify Credentials

We know that these days’ applications are linked to Gmail or Facebook account, but with Spotify it is different. Therefore to Getting Spotify Premium For Free on Android, you must enter the Spotify user credentials to log in to the app.

Since once the Spotify Premium application is installed properly you need to open the application and then from the main menu of the Spotify app which is installed you can easily update the Spotify in the Premium question.

So if you are thinking to download the Spotify Premium application from the Google Play Store, then you can’t possibly download or update it from the Play Store.

So if you wish to play your favorite music on the other devices that you wish to carry then download the Spotify Premium apk from the alternative websites or from the mirror apk too.

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