Download BHIM App For Android iPhone and iOS Devices

BHIM App For Android & iOS : Do you have any idea about the BHIM App? If not we are here to help you in knowing about BHIM App for Android & iOS. BHIM is an abbreviation of Bharat Interface for Money. It has recently launched for empowering the secure, dependable, and quick cashless installments through the mobile devices. Actually, BHIM is created by the National Payment Corporation of India and it is launched in accordance with the Unified Payment Interface and ledgers. It is a component of 2016 India Banknote demonetization at Digi Dhan Program in New Delhi. With the help of this App, we can send or transfer the money without going to the bank.

BHIM App For Android & iOS

This Application is launched by our PM Narendra Modi for the moving the nation far from the money exchanges. And with the help of this UPI payment, we can transfer and receive the money digitally through biometric scanners without swiping the cards. As of now, the BHIM is accessible for the Android mobiles and iOS. Hence Indians can set their financial association with BHIM. In the below section you will come to know how to download and install the BHIM App for Android & iOS .

BHIM App For Android & iOS

BHIM is the Bharat Interface for Money which is the rebranded version of the UPI and USSD. It is the most useful App for the people who would like to make digital payments in their mobile. It works well on the various platforms like Android and iOS. And as well as the interface can be accessed using the USSD from any phones. We can easily transfer the money with the fingerprint. It does not require any internet to transfer the money. BHIM is an Aadharcard based payment App for the users. And more than 100 crore people are having the aadhar cards and they can make the digital payments using the BHIM Application.

BHIM App For Android & iOS

This App is specially designed for the farmers, small trade workers, tribals and as well as for the uneducated people. Hence every person will come to know how we have to make the digital payments without going to the bank. Therefore can enroll their financial balance with BHIM and then set up a UPI integer. Go through the entire article to have a clear idea about the Bharat Interface for Money.

BHIM App for Android – Main Features

  • Send/Receive Money: Through BHIM App we can send and as well as receive the money from anyone like family, friends, clients etc. Have safe and secure electronic payments instead of cash and utilize the IFSC and MMID.
  • Check Balance: And also we can check the balance and other exchanges with the help of BHIM App.
  • We can also make the custom installment and deliver with the not withstanding your telephone number.
  • QR Code: It is the speed section of the installment location.
  • It supports the languages like Hindi and English and further changes will be notified later regarding the languages.

How to Download BHIM App for Android and iOS

BHIM App For Android & iOS

  • First, visit Google Play Store in your Android mobile.
  • In the search bar type ” BHIM App.”
  • Select the BHIM Application from the available list.
  • Now click on the install button and wait it completes installing.
  • After that, you have set a preferred language on the Language selection option.
  • Then Click on Next and again click Next.

In this way, you have to install the BHIM App for Android & iOS on your device.

How to Use BHIM App on Android Devices

BHIM App For Android & iOS

  • When you open a BHIM App you have to enter your mobile number and authorization to set up a UPI.
  • Next click OK and use a similar mobile number which you have authorized with your bank account.
  • You will get an OTP for your mobile number. Enter the four digits number.
  • Setup a password for your account and sign up for that account.
  • Now you have to select the bank account for which you need to send the cash.
  • When you select the bank name it automatically displays the IFSC number and the other elements just by the mobile number you have entered.
  • Next ‘Tap on the record number’ for connecting your ledger to the BHIM UPI Payments.
  • Here you will be requested to check your bank details like bank name, account and amount to be sent.

Click Here for BHIM Application for Android and iOS

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