Micromax Yu Yutopia Review and Rating

Micromax Yu Yutopia Review and Rating – Micromax Utopia is the new phone in the market, which has created a lot of buzz in the market. It is around 25000. The fingerprint scanner is another great thing about this phone. The camera quality is excellent with 21 Megapixels and the front camera is of 8 Mega Pixels. There is 5.2 inch Quad HD IPS display which makes the phone more attractive.

Micromax Yu Yutopia Review and Rating

The design is stylish with the 21 Mega Pixel camera that is embedded on a circular protruding dial and a dual tone LED flash unit below which is a fingerprint sensor. Sadly, the glass cover for the camera isn’t scratch resistant because of which it is absolutely important for the user to buy a case. The display comes with Corning’s concore glass which makes it scratch resistant and the display is quite large, however, the touchscreen and protective glass are a single panel. Colour reproduction and viewing angles are brilliant in this phone. The touch response can get a little messy sometimes as sometimes the phone becomes irresponsive however it is not a consistent issue.

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There is a brand new software named ‘Around Yu’ in this phone which enables the user to shop, book themselves a cab, all of that in one place. ‘Around Yu’ has also teamed up with great brands like Ola by which you can book yourself a cab, Zomato, by which you can order yourself food and we can expect a lot more options for this. The default theme is not that great however the app performance is good.

The phone is also good at multitasking. There is also additional space of 2 GB of free RAM for apps. However, the phone heats up very easily which makes up for a huge drawback as many users have complained that prolonged game sessions or surfing in the browser have left them with hung up the phones. Also, the battery life isn’t up to the mark.Nexus still stands as a better phone in such price range for some people. The call quality is amazing with 4G support present in both the SIM slots.

The fingerprint option can store up to five fingerprints that will help the user to unlock the phone instantly without even bothering to hit the power button. In addition, with the fingerprint option, you can even take the selfie with the camera app. The only issue that is present is the fact that the sensors are not very accurate which might bug the user by rejecting the fingerprints in the first attempt. Also, your finger should be kept at obscure angles.

Pros and cons of Micromax Yu Utopia

The Good – The phone looks pretty stylish. The camera quality is quite great especially the autofocus mode in the camera. The 21 Mega Pixels back camera is amazing for close-ups and landscape shots if enough light is there. There are even shooting modes that are available in the front so that the user can have an easy access to such options.

The Bad – Sometimes the notification bar doesn’t respond making the phone hang up a lot of times. The phone also gets heated up very quickly. The fingerprint scanner is quite tacky as it usually doesn’t recognise fingerprints that fail the whole point of having a fingerprint scanner. The users have the option of pin or pattern unlock, though. There are so much of improvements that could be made in the next phone of this series. Although the camera quality is quite great yet for a 21 Mega Pixel camera, it is not up to the mark, especially in the case of colour reproduction, the camera really struggles, for instance, in the case of bright colours like bright orange/ yellow.

Micromax Yu Yutopia Review and Rating

Micromax Yu Yutopia Review and Rating

The rating for this phone is 7/10

  • Design – 8/10
  • Display – 7/10
  • Software – 6/10
  • Performance – 8/10
  • Battery Life – 7/10
  • Camera – 9/10
  • Value for money – 8/10

The Bottom Line

It is a phone with high-end features brought together under an economical budget. However, in spite of bringing all those high-end features together, the features are not up to the mark. It does not seem to be much of a great competition to its contemporaries like Samsung, Apple etc. Still with features like this one, the phone is a great option at Rs 25000.

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