How to Track Your Android Phone without Any App?

How to Track Your Android Phone without Any App? – Your smartphone is your precious asset. There can be chances of losing your Android phone or tablet without having any device tracking app installed. If any such thing happens in your life, what would be your chances of getting your precious device back? Here are some methods that you can adopt to recover your smartphone.

How to Track Your Android Phone without Any App

Needless to say, Google Play Store has some anti-theft and phone recovery apps that can be helpful in case you lose your Android or gets stolen. But most people do not know the use of these apps.if finally they come to know about this after losing the phone it will be too late.

How to Track your Android Smartphone after it got Lost

You may become nervous or burst out in tears when you lose your phone. But there are still ways to recover it even you have not installed the recovery app.

Now we can have a look at the various methods and options that can be adapted to recover your phone to the owner.

Method 1: Can be tracked with Google’s Android Device Manager

  • See that your Android device is connected with your Google account.
  • See your smartphone has access to the internet.
  • See that the Android Device Manager is allowed to locate your Android. You can change this in the Google settings app.
  • See also whether the Android Device Manager is allowed to lock your device and erase its data.

The Android Device Manager is an easy-to- to use tool to find out your Android phone or tablet. It is not necessary to install an app to be able to find out your device. The only necessity is to get your device connected with your Google account, turn on, and then connect it to the internet.

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Then visit the Android Device Manager while logging into your Google Account. When the site is loaded in full it will try to track down your phone. There may be several Android devices in your name, choose the right one in the drop down menu.

Now, Google has implemented some additional features in their search results you can put a query inquiring about your phone, and then you can see Google trying to find out your phone above the search results. Then you can click the “Ring” option seen at the bottom left.

The Android Device Manager helps to track your registered Android devices in a better way.

If there is no laptop or system is available when you lose the phone, you can make use of your friend’s Android device to find it, download the Android Device Manager app, sign in using the guest mode and details of your Google Account, then you will be able to track your device.

If your device is not connected to the internet or turned off, you may not be able to locate the phone. If your device is stolen, there are chances that the thief has disconnected the device from your Google Account, then the Android Device Manager or any other tool might not help you to locate your phone.

Method 2: Remote control and track your smartphone by using Android Lost

  • See that your device is connected with your Google Account.
  • See also that the device has access to the internet.
  • See that you are not running Android 3.0 or higher

This is not an easy way to track your phone. For this, you need to install the tracking app “Android Lost” and text, which can be done from any phone.But, how to install this when the phone is lost. You can install any type of app on your registered devices through the Google Play Website. Then navigate to the Android Lost app and click the install button. The only requirement is that the phone to be connected with your Google Account.

Track Your Android Phone without Any App

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Step 1: Installing Android Lost remotely

You can install the Android Lost app remotely in your browser and it will be installed on your smartphone remotely. For this, your phone need to be connected with your Google Account, if not done, this will not work.

Step 2: You have to Activate Android Lost—not working on Android 3.0+

For registering your device remotely, send an SMS texting “android lost -register” to your lost phone. This message can be sent from any phone. The message enables Android Lost to register itself using the details of your Google Account.

Step 3: You can Log in to the Android Lost Website

You need to visit the Android Lost website and sign in using your Google Account. By doing this, you can get access to all remote control features including

  1. Enables to read the latest SMS on your phone.
  2. Enables the phone to make a loud alarm with a flashing screen, this is ok if the phone is misplaced.
  3. Helps you to get the location of your phone
  4. Enables locking and unlocking of the phone.
  5. Helps to wipe off the entire data including personal data
  6. Enables erasing the SD card.
  7. Helps the camera to take pictures of the phone and the person who took the phone.

Android Lost is an effective tool to recover your phone. The chances to install and register this tool remotely make the recovery of your phone a powerful task. But the problem is that the new app “Android Lost” details to the thief what you are doing. Activation of this app is only possible on Android versions older than 3.0

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There are chances of losing your phone and the thief might have removed the batteries, then there is no way to get in contact with your device. If there is an active internet connection, you can find out its approximate location. Use the location history in the phone to get information where it was located when the internet connection stopped.

Even if the thief puts his SIM card in your phone, you may be able to locate the phone. This is possible when your phone is not disconnected from your Google Account. The recovery tools like Android Device Manager or Android Lost may be still working as long your phone has an internet connection.

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