Clash Royale Download 1.5.0 APK for Android | Latest Version

Clash Royale Download 1.5.0 APK for Android | Latest VersionThe game sets a very good opposite to that Clash of Clans. However, these both games are a tough competition to each other, but the users love to play both. The Clash Royale game is a strategy game in real time. In this game, you need to apply strategy and plan out the execution of the wars and how to build up your army against your defeaters. You need to find against the other players who are online in the frantic duels.

We all are aware of the strategies put up in a clash of clans then what make Clash Royale different are the simple and straightforward gaming techniques. Rest the theme running side by including the

  • Giants,
  • Barbarian Kings,
  • Wall Breakers,
  • Archers.

Clash Royale Download 1.5.0 APK for Android | Latest Version

Clash Royale’s gameplay begins with the three tower mode placed in a Different structure like the three towers which are placed as one in the middle and the rest two on each side of the middle tower.

Now this is the same them according to which the other clans have planned their village. All you need to do is to aim for your troops to destroy the enemy’s central tower and meanwhile protecting your town tower too.

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Now this is where you begin to plan out the strategy and upgrade the village.

What does the New update in Clash Royale 1.5.0 brings?

  • You will be introduced with the two new Chests, which are the Legendary Chest and the Epic Chest.
  • There will be four additional cards added to your continence
  • You can now also play your favorite Clash Royale game in offline mode too. There will be an addition of offline and online mode
  • You will also get to see the Tournament rules that have been additionally added.
  • The Overflowing of the Crowns will be carried forward to the next Chest Crown if the former is waiting.

Well, all the above updates will also bring along the balance changes as given below.

  • 5% decreases the damage to the Giant.
  • You will see completely new Rage spell
  • The effects are decreased from 40% to 30%.
  • Mirror card will always have a level at mirror one higher than the original
  • The Lighting Spell will also now stun the target for maximum 0.5 seconds, like that of the Zap spell.
  • The new Bomber hit points, and 2% decreases the other damage.
Clash Royale
Developer: Supercell
Price: Free+

How to install Clash Royale Download 1.5.0 APK for Android?

  1. The first thing is that you have to make sure that your Android device’s setting is marked to accept the apk files from the unknown sources. If not you can go to Settings and then Change them.
  2. Then you must visit any APK Mirror via your phone’s browser or visit at so that you can have the latest version of the Pokémon Go app which is 8.332.16. You can even go to the Play store of your Android device and update the game!
  3. Click on download link or tab given on the page and wait for it to get downloaded
  4. Hit enter and install the app

Enjoy building up new townships and explore!

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