Best Free Dating Apps 2016 | Top Online Dating Apps

Best Free Dating Apps 2016 | Top Online Dating Apps – Finding a perfect match for you when you are single is like trying to swim in shallow water. It becomes really difficult to look for the single perfect partners for yourself. Though difficult to find a perfect match with the help of the Top Online Dating Apps, you can enjoy finding yourselves a partner and that too without wandering from one place to another.

All you need to have is the Best Free Dating Apps of the year 2016, download it and start enjoying dating.

Best Free Dating Apps 2016 | Top Online Dating Apps

Previously dating was not that easy or useful as rarely people would socialize with different and strange people. But today with the launch of Best Free Dating Apps 2016 you can enjoy having the benefits of finding partners on social media website just by looking up to the applications.

Best Free Dating Apps 2016 | Top Online Dating Apps

Well, online dating has been easy these days as you can enjoy finding different people on a single platform without even wasting any of the time. You can make virtual contacts with the Top Online Dating Apps, which in turn would target the interested peeps and then you can start on with the conversation. The most interesting part about dating online is that you can only contact virtually without working hard to find them and contact people from different parts of the world. It saves your time of searching yourself a perfect dating partner.

So to all the singles it will now not be the tough part for you to look for the best partner for yourself as all you need to do is to have the Free Dating Apps 2016, and you are set to go on the hunt. Top online Dating apps are easy and convenient to use. You can rely on the dating apps without worrying about wasting your time and roaming in search of the partners.

Best Free Dating Apps 2016 | Top Online Dating Apps

These days it is not like people travel without their phones but they carry it with themselves from morning till night, so being social is easy and definitely with the help of the Top Online Dating Apps, it is going to pay off.

Best Free Dating Apps 2016

So have a look at the below-given dating applications that can help you to find your love connection or your soul mate.



  • It is supported by both Android OS and iOS.
  • It already has 150 million users worldwide, and it is very popular among the other mobile dating apps.
  • The navigation is fast and easy, and you can make friends, chat, and send messages and what not!
  • It comes for free, but to avail best services we recommend having a premium version.

Note: The members who are using it free of cost can contact up to 10 people a day but the premium version users can use features like Superpower that will include Spotlight which will make you rise to the top of search listings.


  • Bumble is quite similar to tinder and runs on Android and iOS.
  • You can Swipe to make a match or even dismiss an option.
  • You can have different people from different places of the world.

The thing that troubles the most is the adding on hours. For example, the match you make stays only for 24 hours, and you get only limited matches per day which limits your area of searching new people. And the person who is initiating the match must be the first to leave a message.

This is what makes it a time taking app as you have to think twice before you make any contact with the people around you.

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Also, the 24-hour window let the people share information, but the person can easily connect elsewhere. Linking your Facebook account with Bumble will make sure of the person profile or vice versa. And everything is free of cost you need not pay a single penny for anything.


  • Tinder comes with a well-designed user interface, and it is very simple to use.
  • It offers free messaging that is rare among the other top best online free dating apps as in other apps you can only chat if the person is online but with Tinder you can drop texts too which is the reason that tinder is quite popular.
  • To chat with any person, you just need to swipe right or left!
  • In case you want to keep details secure and check whether the profile is accurate or not, you can pull the app and reload the information. You can even link your Facebook to create the profile on Tinder.
  • It comes with an easy setup so you can start using Tinder right away!
  • If you wish to have other additional features, then you can easily upgrade the app to pro version which avails the additional superbikes for getting someone’s attention.


  • MeetMe has more than 90 million users and works well unlike the few other online free dating apps but just under one condition that it must have the KIK app installed in.
  • It gives you the opportunity to meet new friends and get together with existing ones, chat or maybe find a love connection too!
  • You can also choose the premium version by credit to have the extra attention.


  • OkCupid is widely popular among the top online dating sites.
  • It is easy to use with good user interface, and you can meet people in your area or wherever you go. So discovering people with OkCupid becomes easy.
  • You can chat, be friends with new people, plan meetings and also Broadcast your date suggestions too.
  • It is a fast and easy way to navigate and share with you to have better matches.

So now finding you a perfect match will not be tough but easy and reliable with the Dating Apps 2016. So pick any one app and start finding your love connection and a perfect match!

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