20 Best Sites to Download New Movies For Free

20 Best Sites to Download New Movies For FreeTo pass the time the best way is to watch movies. Watching movies makes it easier for the people to spend time in a certain directive way. But many people who often do not have enough time to spare for entertainment would love to watch movies but rather their timings would rather not suffice the timings for the person.

Since not everyone can manage a get together at the theaters or the cinemas the people can certainly enjoy downloading movies by their own. Now if someone wishes to watch a movie, then they certainly need not wait for a limited Tim or place to watch just open the download link and begin on with the hunt. Downloading movies with the best 20 websites have been made easier by providing links. So it’s just one click, and you are all set to watch.


But there are also many websites on the web that are malware and do not function properly. So with millions of websites present around how are you able to judge which website will provide you the best links to download the movie. So with the given article we will provide you some of the best-given websites which will surely help you to download the movies according to your genre of movie you wish to watch. Also, downloading movies is rather better than watching movies online. As watching movies online will require data and the next time you wish to watch the same movie then also you needs to pay for the data charges.

20 Best Sites to Download New Movies For Free

Below given are some of the Best Sites to Download New Movies that will help you to download your favorite movies

public domain torrent

You can easily download movies of different genera from here. The process is simple and easy just like the torrent download process, and all files are easily under the public domain.


Wee everything which is done now will sooner be a mystery tomorrow, and that is what the Internet Archive is about. You can easily Download Free movies legally and in an easier way. If you wish to watch the movies online, then this website is a treat.


The website comes with a very user-friendly interface and allows a smooth downloading process. You can easily download some of the latest movies and the old collection with just one click. All you need to do is just select and search the movie you wish to download and go to the download button which is located at the bottom of the media player.

Check Out:


The website comes with very few ads which are actually a plus point and also gives a hassle free download. It has a good user interface system, and you can download the movie with just a single click. And if you wish to download the movie on your Android device then this website gives you the Mirror links which are blue in color and let you download your favorite movie right on your Android device or your PC.

KickAss Torrents

The KickAss Torrents site is however banned in many countries but if can be easily accessed by using the VPN and proxies.


The Pirate Bay helps to provide cracks for the software and games. The site is also available in 30 different languages.


Mydownloadtube helps to download the English movies as well as the games.


With a good user interface, you can easily download the movie for free.


You can watch or download Movies, Videos, TV Shows, and what not from different online sources.


If you are an anime lover, then this website is just a treat for you to watch.


It allows you to download Movies for free and also play online games and stream movies.


You can also download full movies and TV shows online with just one click.

Summo Torrent

You can easily download the latest movies, TV Serials, Games, Music, and Animes.


The website comes with 70K movies and also 6K TV Series all in HD.


The website brings in good quality movies and all for free just in small size.


Moviescrib website allows you to download the movies for free. You will be able to find many Bollywood movies and also English to Hindi dubbed movies.


The website helps to download movies and videos with better quality and speed.


The website comes with HD Movies point and lots of different categories which make it treat for you to get all different genres of movies, tv shows, animations all on one plate.


If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, then this website is all that you need. Select, search and go.

Lime Torrents

The website comes with a responsive search bar to search a favorite lot of your favorite files.

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