Top 5 Receive SMS Services

Online SMS services are quite popular among businesses. It is extremely comfortable to use such services and manage business accounts on social media. With the help of online SMS support units it is possible to register as many accounts as you wish on different social platforms. 

The crucial thing about this function is that you will do without public display of your data (such as the e-mail address, zip-code or personal phone number). This will save you from frauds and cyber-attacks. To receive sms online you need only to have access to the World Wide Web, a registered account on a service that offers SIMs online and replenished account. 

A lot of SMS support units offer this function for free. Most of them work properly, but there are certain glitches or restrictions. How to pick the best service and be sure that it is safe? It is necessary to investigate several units and compare them. 

Get acquainted with top 5 services that allow free SMS receiving below. 


This unit offers 27 directories (6 of them are available from Canada and 21 directory is available from the US). As much as 5 messages can be received in one day. They are delivered in a short period of time. 

However, this service does not have a vast choice of countries (for example, European countries) and this significantly shortens the list of their potential clients.


Twilio presents you $16 for free testing of their service. Number addition or change is $1. The US directory will be set by default, but it is also possible to change the country. 

An issue with this unit is that while checking in a test account, you have to enter your mobile directory for authentication. 


Fakenum provides 5 directories from the US. It is user-friendly and the messages are delivered quickly. 

Again, the variety of numbers is very poor here and, moreover, it is legible for only one country. However, you might want to consider it while trying a Twilio free account. 


It offers only 3 numbers, but from 3 different countries. Those are the US, the UK and Canada. In case you have no need to maintain lots of numbers, this SMS service might serve you good. 

It is necessary to stress that message getting times are UTC -4:00.


Besides the variety of countries, you can use both temporary directories and directories that are rent for a certain period of time. This is a great benefit if, for example, you need to reactivate an account that has been banned as the message will come only to the directory that was specified during the registration.