How to Block Someone on Gmail? (Step by Step)

How to Block Someone on Gmail? (Step by Step) – We all know the importance of having Gmail. Gmail has been the best formal way of communication between the people even in the companies and the industries.  Apart from this, we know that Gmail makes it easy for us to access the account to share all our files over the web. Even these days if you wish to send your CV or Resume to a company or an industry then it is required that it should be sent via Gmail.

Even the applications today require a Gmail to address the account of the application. Therefore, it is necessary to have a Gmail account to have a secured data.

Why should one make an account on Gmail?

Whenever you work on something new, the data needs to be saved somewhere. There are high chances that the hard copy of the data might easily get damaged or lost. Even the softcopies sometimes get arranged improperly or could be lost therefore saving the data on the web makes it much easier.

We all are very much aware of the domain of the Gmail which is . So if you have any account to be made you can directly go to the domain and start the work. The Gmail has been the fastest growing email services that have reached to 100 million enrolled users. Also because of its simple and easy features it has sooner become one of the best-known applications among the users. The best feature about the application is that it has unlimited storage space, which helps the users to share unlimited files irrespective of their size.

How to Block Someone on Gmail? (Step by Step)

So well since messages and posts have been already taken over by the emails still some things have been bothering a lot to people and those are the spam messages. Sometimes people or unknown strangers whom you do not want to talk to or that person who send you vague email makes it irritating and frustrating. Though, if it is a phone call or Facebook messaging then you can easily block the user but what about the Gmail option.

Gmail, as we know, is an emailing web server that helps to share files. With the feature Google hangout texting and messaging, chats were made much easier, but even people there have started to bug people around. So if someone troubles you or annoys you then will the block option you can easily block the user and avoid any messages and calls from them.

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Now you must be searching for the process of how to block the user on Gmail. The process is very simple and clear and even much easier. Blocking the user makes it helpful for the person to stop the spam user.  Follow the below-given steps and make it much easier for you to block the unknown and spam users.

Always remember that when you are blocking a Gmail user, you must construct the three basic things

  • Open the message thread sent by the person whom you want to block.
  • Then you need to Select “Block [Name of the user]” from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, you need to click on the Confirm button.

How to Block Someone on Gmail?

Below given is the step by step process

  • First, you need to Sign in your Gmail account.
  • Go to the and sign in with your user ID and Password
  • Then go to the message thread of the offender. If you find it difficult to search the message from too many emails in your inbox, then you can just type the name of the user and the results will be shown
  • Double click on the down arrow and then from the given options you need to select block option.
  • After selecting the block option, you need to hit confirm.

After confirming the user will be blocked from sending you any emails or calls. Remember that you can even unblock the user whenever you want. The blocked user, however, will be the part of the Google circle or any community joined by him or her but will not be able to contact you. You can easily opt out from the group whenever you want.

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