How to Play Unsupported Media Files on Android Smartphone?

How to Play Unsupported Media Files on Android Smartphone? – The one can hardly irritate you when you play your favorite videos on your mobile. Most of the Android users are disgusting to use their handset because the preferred media files can’t open in the mobile. All the media files are not supported for your device because it needs the application to play the unsupported media files. This issue can be majorly faced by the Android users while trying to watch the videos through mobile. But not the media files are opened only plenty of durations spent searching in the online forums to open your unsupported files.

How to Play Unsupported Media Files on Android Smartphone

This is the right place to find the way to play your unsupported media files to get opened on your mobile. Just follow these simple steps that guide you.

Things you should know:-

There are just two things one is codec and containers.

The codec is one form of coder-decoder. It mainly used to compress the video or other media files. Generally, when the media files are in large size and it’s not in compressed. The codec’s can approach up to 2-3GB that depends on your way to compress them. To play the media file, you need some specific codec in your player to run the file. Xvid, DivX and H264 are the common codec’s. If these types of files present in your Android application, then it simply runs the common media files.

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The container is one part of a file that determines the sort of the files. Generally, the containers contain the media file compressed via the codec. There are different types of codecs for video and audio files, except the containers are similar same. Containers are initially the directory of the media file, it chooses what will play and where. Containers are dependable for synchronizing both the video and audio files.

Method 1:  How to Play Unsupported Media Files on Android Smartphone?

The codecs are the main cause of your media files are unsupported to play on your Smartphone. You need to find the suitable video player for the media file. MX player and VLC player is the popular media player to play all types of media files. Or you can download the top application in the Play Store. The MX player gives the best pleasure to watch your favorite movies.

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  • The MX player encloses the complete function of hardware acceleration for plenty of videos through the help of a latest HW+ decoder.
MX Player
MX Player
Developer: J2 Interactive
Price: Free
  • The MX player is the first media player that supports for accessing a multi-core decoding. The test result has shown the performance of the double core devices around 70% better than a single core device.
  • Zoom and pan, Pinch to zoom: Easy to swipe the screen to zoom. The available option for zoom and pan.
  • The subtitle gestures to scroll forward or reverse to move forward or previous, up or down to move a text bottom and up and zooming to alter the text size.
  • The major formats of media files you can play through the MX player such as DVD, HD, Mp4, and so on.

Method 2:  How to Play Unsupported Media Files on Android Smartphone?

Another option to play the unsupported media files on your Android device. BS player is the top player that the hardware accelerated player for the Android users. The main aspects in the application such as multi-core, background playback, screen lock for accidental change as children lock playback for uncompressed files, playlist support, and many features included. The BS player provides the feature modes of playback for both external and embedded files with subtitles. It is compatible for the latest Android version 6.0.

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  • Enter into the play store and search the text of BS player.
Developer: BSPlayer media
Price: Free
  • After the display of the media player, you can download it and install on your mobile.
  • Open the player, it automatically refreshes and shows the available media files on your device.
  • You can simply click the file to open without any error message display as an unsupported file.
  • You can use it as a media player or audio player, the best sound clarity and attractive skin of the player.
  • It supports all formats of media files to run the application.

Method 3:  How to Play Unsupported Media Files on Android Smartphone?

The new and well-known media player is Mobo Player. The Mobo player gives the low quality of the videos at perfect quality and no need for conversion. The main reason for the application makes known for all because of several features enclosed in the player. The main features in the player are:

Developer: euphmia
Price: Free
  • Supports of popular subtitles like as ASS, SAA, and SRT.
  • The streaming support of multi-audio and multi-subtitles.
  • The entire video formats are supported to play in the player without any low quality of video streaming.
  • The latest edition of HD videos is also being supported in the player.
  • Display of video thumbnails.
  • The inbuilt feature of subtitles such as MPV, MKV, MOV and few others.
  • Automatically display the media files where it is located in your folder.

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There are several sorts of media players are found in the play store. In addition, the majority of the player supports all formats of videos and some others are not. You can choose from these three methods to support the video files in all formats and make pleasure to watch your preferred movies on your device. Now, your high quality of HD videos in a single core and these three applications is fully influential that enclosed features of both hardware and software decoding mode. The software decoding system is more with CPU intensive and the hardware decoding to stream the videos as possible. Keep in your mind; if you choose the other unreliable media player, it sucks your battery power in a short duration. Keep your device as safe through the installing of good players to watch the videos with perfect quality. Enjoy watching the desired movies in the top three media players to get free from unsupported files to play in the media player.

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