How To Make Google My Homepage In Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari?

How To Make Google My Homepage In Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari? – Google is the online encyclopedia that caters human knowledge in billions of pages to its users. It is the popular search engine that everybody can access anytime. If we start browsing on the internet most of us, first open the Google as a home page. Google always makes our browsing experience unforgettable.

It ready reckons, clears our doubts about anything and brings whatever we want in front of our eyes within a few moments. Google always knows our requirements since when you a type single word in its search bar, Google provides a number of options in front of our eyes and saves us a lot of time.

How To Make Google My Homepage In Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari?

How To Make Google My Homepage In Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari?

Google is the epitome of whatever information and knowledge that men have gathered. Google is the top ranking search engine and has been that for the past long years. Search Engine is the first product with which this company could come so far. It is top among the Big Five Search Engines Google has so many features that are available than that of its competitors.

Google is Quite Simple and is Easy to Use

Because of its simplicity people always like to access Google over other search engines. It has other important services like Gmail, YouTube, and Picasa. You need to put a term into the main search box, then use the tabs at the top to switch to searching images. Google news, Google Scholar or any other good things Google offers.

Google has the ability to answer your questions right in the search results. Previously Google was able to answer basic math problems, but they have developed their search results to give more and more answers to almost all your problems. Then came conversions and definitions.

You can ask Google the items and ideas, events and it will answer in a separate box at the top of the search results. Google knows your questions and if it does not know, there are search results that point you in the right direction.

Google never attempts or change your homepage settings without the permission of its consumers. You can select your browser and see the method to reset your homepage. Once you follow these steps you can replace Google with your desired site you want as your homepage.

If resetting your homepage does not solve the problems, the issues may be due to malicious software that is called malware that is imitating the Google site. When you open the browser you will get direct access to your homepage. We all navigate our way through the help of Google’s search engines.

Here are certain methods when you wish to Google as your home page in any of the browsers like Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox etc.

How to Make Google My Homepage in Google Chrome

Next we can see how to make Google My Homepage in Chrome. When you open your browser first thing that can be seen in the browser’s screen is Google home page. If you are searching ways to set Google as homepage, then you are in the exact place.

Here you can see a complete step by step process to make Google your homepage. You can set Google as your homepage within browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and the internet. You can make whatever homepage you are desirous to have. If you are living in any other country and you want to change your Google homepage that belongs to this country you can do that.

At first, you need to click on the top right-hand button. You can see one with the three horizontal bars above each other; ultimately this will drop down an options bar.

  • Search for the settings and click on it.
  • When you are in the settings area, you then there is the option manage search engine click on it. When you click on this, you can notice a few search engines that are commonly available to the general public. You then need to follow instructions to set your search engine like Google.
  • When you are in manage search engines box search for Google and click the mouse on it and by this, you can keep it as default” button; you need to push on that. Once you press the button, you need to click done option at the bottom of the box. Then the default home page would be

How to Make Google My Homepage in Mozilla Firefox

  • First and foremost thing you want to do is to click on the orange Firefox drop-down menu.
  • Once, when the menu has dropped down click on options
  • You can see the option box opens; now it is time to click on the general tab.  You can change your homepage to whatever form you desire.

There is one other option to make Google as the homepage. By this, you can go to Firefox, and it gets navigated to Google by itself. Open the Firefox and then navigate to you have to click on the little globe icon to the left side of the URL and drag this to the house icon on the top right corner of the browser window. A pop-up window which will ask you to make the current page as your homepage. You can now click yes and change your homepage to whatever form you desire.

How to Make Google My Homepage in IE (Internet Explorer)

Next, we can see how to make Google as your homepage on Internet Explorer (IE)

  • First, you have to open up the Internet Explorer browser
  • At the top right corner, you can see a Gear Icon. Click on this
  • You will be able to see a couple of options, then select “Internet Options”
  • You can see a pop-up window opens  up and can see the Home page option
  • You can change the URL
  • After changing to the Google address, you can enter the okay button.

Now that you have made changes in the URL to and this is the method to change Google as your homepage in the internet explorer

You see browser’s homepage as the site when your browser opens. Just like a magazine cover, a website’s homepage has been its cover. Whenever we navigate generally we start at the site’s homepage and begin browsing from there.

If the browser’s homepage immediately changes to a different site, then there are chances of hijacking by unauthorized elements. Internet explorer allows you to choose several pages as its homepages. It simultaneously loads each one and places a tab at the top of each page for switching between them. If you want to add homepages to your collection, you have to choose Add.

How to Make Google My Homepage in Safari

Safari browser is just another browser that is similar to another browser, but you have to be little studios to achieve this task. We can see how it works.

Once you open the Safari browser in your system or mobile select preferences, then put the cursor on the general tab and you need to type there – in the text file column and click the enter button. This is the method to set Google as your homepage in Safari browser.

  • You need to open Safari browser on your computer.
  • Again in Safari Bowser, you will see a Gear icon on the top most right-hand side, you need to click on this.
  • You need to click on the preferences option, and then you can see a pop-up window open in the Safari. You can see there an option called Homepage.
  • Now you can change the homepage URL to or any other Google country domains.

In the Safari browser, you need not save it will automatically change to Google. This is the method to make Google My Homepage in Safari browser.

Google has a dedicated team that always tries to enhance search results of the general public. Google provides search results that are most refined and accurate. This dedicated team of Google has developed some of the leading search engine algorithms to help you find legal websites and also helps you avoid websites that are scams. Google always reduces the relevance of illegal websites and websites that post duplicate contents.

Sometimes all the contents that you find on search engines may not be fully in English. Google helps to translate pages that you can see by searching in Google that has the option of different languages available in Google translate service and is famous for its popular Google Translate option.

Google search provides extraordinary benefits to millions of its consumers. It allows you to search and find almost everything you want and finds answers to almost all types of questions that you ask. Google always tries to develop its services using innovative technology. It will remain as the top-ranking search engine in the world in future also.

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