Clash of Clans 8.551.4 APK Download for Android | Latest Update

Clash of Clans 8.551.4 APK Download for Android | Latest Update – A game that helps to connect with your friends and run in and out with war then it becomes a lot more fun. So to come up with the enthusiastic zeal one can easily enjoy the play mode for the Clash of Clans.

The clash of clans game is an epic strategy game. The game begins to explore the strategy and power up your village, build an army and then crush your opponents by building up a powerful army. You can easily establish a Clashing legacy. You will easily create a million strong communities of your own tribal that are the Barbarians.

Clash of Clans 8.551.4 APK Download for Android | Latest Update

Usually just like other Supercell games Clash of Clan has become immensely popular because of its different strategies required to be put in and the continuous wait to come up with the fill in spaces. The Clash of Clans 8.551.4 APK for Android is bringing in many updates. Below is the list of the latest updates that you will see in the Clash of Clans 8.551.4 APK

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There will be Random events like

  • the meteorite lands in the village
  • Dark Elixir to be cleared, also the enhanced experience/gem rewards.
  • The new update brings in an offline mode option that allows the player to do a single player campaign mode without the need of internet
  • There will be an increase loot penalty for the higher Town Halls
  • The best of all updates is that you can now easily add on the Rifleman unit from the Supercell’s Boom Beach game as an Easter egg
  • You can Contact clan members privately for any Clan War Tournament
  • You can make bets for the Clan War Gambling
  • You may easily Customize the Appearance of your troops
  • You can now choose the first target of the troop. Instead of choosing the closest building to hit away from the random targets.
  • The new updates bring in the ability for the gamers to rotate the building in all the eight directions. You can easily set your scaling, parameters, and the directions.
  • There you can also locate a new laboratory been made as the Dark laboratory where you can easily upgrade the different dark elixir troops and also the dark spells
  • You will also be getting a chat window which previously you get to avail it during the Clan Wars to discuss the strategies with your opponents.
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
Developer: Supercell
Price: Free+

How to install Clash of Clans 8.551.4 APK for Android?

  1. The first thing is that you have to make sure that your Android device’s setting is marked to accept the apk files from the unknown sources. If not you can go to Settings and then Change them.
  2. Then you must visit any APK Mirror via your phone’s browser or visit at
  3. Click on download link or tab given on the page and wait for it to get downloaded
  4. Hit enter and install the app

You can even go to the Play store of your Android device and update the game!

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