[Solved] PS4 Won’t Turn ON Start UP Issue is Fixed

PS4 Won’t Turn ON: Have you ever irritated when you are playing with PS4, and it suddenly stops working? You may have experienced many times but not this time. Here, in this article, we will explain you about how to fix the PS4 Won’t Turn ON issue. You can also know the ways to fix the Start Up issue of your PS4. There will be many reasons for PS4 won’t turn on while using it. You can also know the solutions for the other particular issues.

PS4 won't turn on

To play on your PlayStation 4, you need to install the games on your PS4’s hard drive or to be inserted into its disc drive. Other than this you can also even control the menu system and most of the console’s other functions from the separate device. There are only some devices by which you can use the PS4. Sony has recently added the feature to its Xperia Z3 phones and tablets and, even more recently, Xperia Z2 devices. To play on a smartphone or tablet, you will need to connect a PS4 controller to them. It could also be added to other devices in future, although there are no current plans to expand it to Android phones and tablets not made by Sony.

Issues for PS4 Won’t Turn ON Properly

Once check for the following problems on your PS4 to make it start up properly. If these methods don’t work, then use the Boot up in Safe Mode method.

PS4 won't turn on

Check Hard Drive: This may be one of the reasons for not PS4 not functioning properly. First, you have to turn off the TV and disconnect the power cable. Then check whether the hard drive is correctly inserted into the PS4 or not. If it is not placed in correct position, then remove it and fix it properly in PS4. Now you can use the PS4 to work. There is also another option, and you can even try to replace the hard drive if it is required. 

Update TV’s Firmware: Many people have noted that updating television firmware has resolved the lack of audio-video signal in PS4. If you have a new tv, particularly one with internet connectivity, refer to the television’s instruction manual and update its firmware. By doing this, it may alter HDMI settings and fix device compatibility.

Check HDMI Ports: The reason for PS4 won’t turn on also may be due to the improper connection of HDMI ports. Once check both the HDMI port on your TV and PS4 for any blaring abnormalities or damages, along with your HDMI cable. If possible, try testing alternative HDMI cables.

Power Supply: First turn off your PS4 by holding the power button for about 10 seconds, and it will beep twice. Then you have to disconnect the power cable, connector and power input on the back of PS4. If there is any damage is there try replacing the cable and connector. In most of the cases it worked for many people, and their iPhone turned on. If PlayStation 4 won’t turn on your TV, PC or Mac, then proceed to further steps.

How to Boot UP in Safe Mode When PS4 Won’t Turn ON

If the solutions mentioned above don’t work, then you can try booting into safe mode when your PS4 Won’t turn on. Follow the below mentioned steps.


  1. Check whether your console is turned off or not. If not, please turn it off.
  2. Now hold down the power button until you hear two beep sounds.
  3. Then you will see the Safe Mode screen, now plug in your PS4 controller via USB.
  4. Turn on your controller by pressing the PS Home Button.

PS4 won't turn on

There are six PS4 safe mode options. So, let’s have a look at them.

  • Restart the System
  • Change Resolution
  • Update the System Software
  • Restore Default Settings
  • Rebuilt Database
  • Initialize PS4
  • Initialize PS4 ( Reinstall System Software)

If you have thoroughly checked your TV inputs, cables, etc., and also tried the safe mode boot up for PS4, then you should contact Sony support.

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