SnipperApp 2 or Codespace: what to choose?

The work of programmers, engineers, and computer science students is closely related to snippets' creation. These are the most repetitive code parts that you can apply in future projects with minimal editing. Creating a database of these snippets will help reduce your work time. You do not want to do one action again and again? Surely you have more important things to do. Let's look at how to create snippet on mac and what applications are best for this.

There are many options to solve this problem. Let's take SnipperApp 2 or Codespace as a good example. Is there enough functionality of such utilities, and what is better for everyday work?

SnipperApp 2

It is a modern application for creating and editing snippets. The utility supports more than 120 programming languages with syntax highlighting. The stylish interface is convenient for daily work on hundreds or even thousands of lines of code. Users can switch between light and dark themes. Here are some more distinguishing features of the application:

  • You can Display invisible characters;

  • Use font customization;

  • GitHub Flavored Markdown with preview mode;

  • Paid and free version.

MacOS users can sync their snippets with iCloud or GitHub Gists. Markdown with code blocks is another nice feature of the application. The utility allows you to search for snippets by tags and switch folders. In addition to synchronizing over the network, you can store blocks of code on your computer.

You can also backup and restore your snippets. Besides, the menubar is available to users for quick access to snippets and keyboard shortcuts. Another convenient option is that you can paste images from the clipboard to text or markdown notes.


Codespace is a snippet manager with a good design. It also has syntax highlighting and support for popular programming languages. The utility has a quick information retrieval mechanism. There is still no synchronization with iCloud and GitHub Gists, so users have to share their work with other users in an alternative way.

The developers have relied on cross-platform and support for graphic themes. To make these ambitions came true, they had to cut off the idea of a free or trial version. Also, there is no markdown with code blocks.

Of course, code snippet management is an important point for any student or computer science student. Without this, chaotic fragments of text cannot be gathered in one place. SnipperApp 2 is a more comprehensive and multi-functional product. Codespace could become a competitor for him in the future but needs a lot of additional features.