How to Stop Google and Facebook From Tracking Your Location?

How to Stop Google and Facebook From Tracking Your Location? – Nowadays, Most of the people do not know that they are permanently tracked locations by using Google servers. Each and every place, you visit is being tracked using the Facebook, Google as well as many others. This option is able by default and usually makes the customer experience better as well as more convenient to use. There are so many applications and amenities that are based on your location, such as Google and Facebook. It is depicting your location on Facebook and Google post as well as many other posts and each and every movement is being continuously tracked by using Facebook.

How to Stop Google and Facebook From Tracking Your Location

Although tracking your location have lots of benefits, but, privacy-conscious people are not comfortable with this privacy system. So, you do not need to give away their accurate location. For those users, there is an option to stop this function and also neglect all the previous location history. So, you can decide to use this tracking system from location services in Google app. Then, it is the best option to stop this feature and hold your current location private only using the tracks.

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In this article, it is providing you some best steps on how to stop Google and Facebook from tracking your location.

Method 1: How to Stop Google and Facebook from Tracking Your Location

It plays a vital role in the tracking system. If you have noticed your ads, then you can visit the website online. Google and Facebook make it very easy and simple method to stop the tracking your locations on Google and Facebook websites. Follow these steps they are an aid to protect your privacy in websites.

Step 1: Start your computer and open the Google page for ads settings and then you can visit it. Then, you can sign in.

Step 2: Then, Google site shows you two columns, one has ads settings and it will be seen on your Google websites and other for the ads that one depicts on the web. Based on your data, Google will have to calculate your age, gender, languages you communicate and also your interests.

Step 3: Then, you can scroll down to opt- out in both columns. After, you note that data and then you replaced it as the data is N/A.

Step 4: Still, Google advertising cookie is tracking from your location. So you can remove it and then you can freshly open the advertising cookie in opting – out page.

Step 5:  Then, you can click on the download button in the cookie opt-out plug-in. The plug-in has the chrome, internet explorer, and Firefox.

Step 6: After, downloading this plug-in, automatically, Google and Facebook will stop tracking your browsing activity. You can enjoy protecting your privacy.

Method 2: How to Stop Google and Facebook from Tracking Your Location

The second method is how to stop Google and Facebook from tracking your location permanently. Then, you can use this tracking system because it will aid to protect your privacy as well as at the same time it gives you several best tips on how to stop the Facebook and Google app constantly from checking. If you do not need to totally avoid location service for Facebook and Google app, But, you may yet to be able to use the verify features of the tracking system. Instead, follow these steps, then, you can easily to disable from your tracking system.

Step 1: Initially, you can open your iPhone the, you can launch the Facebook or Google app on your iPhone.

Step 2:  Then, you can click on a location on the bottom on your iPhone.

Step 3:  Now, click on the account settings on your iPhone.

Step 4: And then, you can tap on location.

Step 5: Finally, you can turn off the option for your location history. Now you can use the app without a tracking system.

Method 3: How to Stop Google and Facebook from Tracking Your Location

Google and Facebook track your location by using the Google maps location tracking system. This system is very useful as well as comfortable for use. If you lost your iPhone or if you want to know your location history, then you can use this tracking system because it is easy to find the location of your every movement. You will be able to turn off this feature of Google on your iPhone device. They provide you some steps to stop the location tracking features of your iPhone device.

Step 1: Initially, you open the Google maps app and then, you are tapping on the maps from your iPhone app drawer.

Step 2: Now, drag the tab from the left corner to the right by sliding from bottom to open the menu.

Step 3: Then, you can tap on “settings” and wait for some seconds, then tap on “google location settings”.

Step 4: Now, you can navigate to the “location services”.

Step 5:  And then, you can use the option then to tap on your “google location reporting” services click on it.

Step 6: Now, you can click on “location reporting”. And then you can click on the right button option is to “off”.

Step 7: Wait for a few seconds, then, you click on back then you can tap on “location history”.

Step 8: To stop this option, you have to set it to ‘off” as well.

Finally, you can also neglect all the location history of your from the Google server. And then, you can visit this location history page then, you can tap the “delete all history” site on the left side.

But, keep in your mind that is phone uses the frequency to personalize your experience in the today view from the center, such as measuring the distance from your residence to office. By stopping this feature and also removing your location history, you will be affecting some functionality on your iPhone as well as at the same you will conserve the battery.

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