How to Receive and Send Text Messages From Computer Free?

How to Receive and Send Text Messages From Computer Free? – Nowadays text messaging has become a trend in our day to day lives. Text messaging can be expensive unless you have an unlimited messaging plan. When you text a message, every time you have to pull out your mobile phone and use force on its tiny keyboard. Besides text messaging from your mobile requires more time and is not that much convenient while thinking about sending and receiving messages from your laptop or computer.

How to Receive and Send Text Messages From Computer Free?

There are numerous services on the internet that allows you to send and receive text messages from your computer or laptop. In addition to this, there are many types of texting websites also. Some of the websites offer free text messaging if you have any supporting advertisements. Some others will ask you to join and receive free credits towards their initial texting account. These sites are registration based and require an SMS gateway at a recurring subscription. Some mobile service providers often offer it as a complimentary service for their own customers/subscribers.

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So many sites claim that they offer free text messaging. But the case may not be the same for the sender and receiver. Some websites will not allow you to send more than a preset number of text messages without registrations. Some websites spam their visitors when they acquire email addresses and mobile numbers. So you have to select the best website that allows you to send text messages from PC to mobile for free.

How Do Text Messaging Websites Work? 

When you enter the text messaging website you are asked to enter a mobile number. After entry of the same, you will be asked to select the service provider and type a brief message. Then you need to click send. Your message sending is over. The Text messaging application has billions of users and most of the mobile phone subscribers are sending and receiving messages. The maximum limit for text messages is 160 characters including spaces.

The free text messaging websites that send messages to a mobile phone allows you to enter a destination mobile number, will ask you to select the provider and type your message. These websites are popular for their service and they are simple also. Most teens master the keyboards fast by adapting rapid texting and now SMS has become popular among the teens.

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The major text messaging websites stand out among other contemporary websites. These websites are ideal for people who hate tiny keyboards of their mobile phones. These sites allow you to opt and block your number.

Advantages of Sending a Text Message from your computer for free

  • You will have an anonymous freedom when you send a text message without the need of having a cell phone.
  • You need not fumble with the mini keypad of a mobile phone.
  • Sending message from a cell phone often seems awkward, especially in public places.
  • The two-way texting allows you to send and receive messages.
  • You require no registration to send or receive messages.
  • You can adapt bulk texting services.
  • Enables to send messages to groups of individuals
  • Whenever you opt to send mass SMS, just click the preferred group, type message and click send button.

Text messaging on a PC is great, especially when you sit in front of your PC and intends to communicate with your loved one. You need not pull out the phone and fumble on its mini keypad. Using a large screen, you can compose messages to any mobile number and view the replies. Moreover sending messages from a website is quicker and easier.

The full-size keyboard makes your composing of the message easier. You can even attach images to your messages. It helps you to keep your phone in your pocket and text the contents of your heart at perfectly no charge.

If you know your friend’s mobile and the cell phone provider you can deliver your text message with perfect ease. When your friend replies your text the message will straightly go to your emails in the box, but a longer email will be broken into multiple messages.

Text Through your Wireless Carrier’s Website

Let whoever may your service provider you will be able to text other subscribers from your carrier’s website

Text Through Apple’s iMessage

This messages app which is a replacement for iChat can be used to send iMessages.You need to open the message app, type in the receiver’s mobile number, type your message and send!.For this, the recipient must have an iPhone with iMessages enabled.

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Text through a free SMS website

When you text through a free SMS website, you need to register so that you can receive replies. While searching the web you may notice numerous free unlimited websites that allows free texting internationally. In some cases, you may not be able to receive replies on the website, and then you will have to provide your email address to receive the response. Some sites may ask you to sign up and register to see the replies to your messages.

  • Yakedi
  • GizmoSMS
  • SMS Pup
  • SMSFun
  • Text4Free

Text Through Google Voice

There are ways to send and receive messages with the help of Google Voice without being familiar with the recipient’s carrier. This software has the option to choose a brand new number without any charge or uses your existing number.

Text messaging has gained significant importance in recent years. Nowadays everybody loves to send and receive messages in their laptop as it is quite easy to send messages especially when you are at work. You need not pull out your mobile from your pocket and type messages using its humble keypad. Besides; your laptop has a large screen and a physical keyboard to type your message with ease.

The settings and mouse connectivity also increase your convenience to send messages. Sending and receiving messages through websites have become free especially while sending bulk messages. When you use your android to send messages definitely you will have to make payment.  Using your laptop for sending messages is cost effective.

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