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Pedometer Apps for Android: Walking for some time every day doesn’t just make you feel fitter, it also prevents diseases. However, counting your steps can be far too complicated, so it’s easier to get the right Android app to start. Here are the best Pedometer Apps for Android and what are their capabilities. We live in a generation of health conscious people who believe in the smart use of technology to realize their dreams of a fit body. If you are serious about your fitness and want to make lifestyle improvements, these pedometer apps for Android are highly recommended.

Pedometer Apps for Android

In a world where most of the people are getting sick day by day due to desk jobs, running can be their ultimate resort. Also, morning walk has been lauded as a good health habit now and then. Unable to take much time out their busy schedules, people have started focusing on walking and running to better health. And how well we know where there is a demand for anything, there are android applications for it. Yes, we have listed the five best pedometer apps for Android that will help in your walk.

List of Top 5 Best Pedometer Apps For Android

In this article, we review the top 5 best pedometer applications that you could use for your early morning runs.

Accupedo Pedometer: This app is one of the best pedometer apps for Android mobiles. This particular app is famous for its widget that sits on your home screen giving you a constant view of the steps you’ve taken. It’s configurable, so you can see steps, distance, minutes, calories, and more in a manner that suits you best. 

MapMyWalk: This is one of the most extensively laid out applications to accompany you while running. It has a host of features that go beyond merely counting your steps or measuring the distance you travel. The app lets you calculate the time taken, the speed at which you covered it, and keeps track of your route using GPS so that you know where you are headed to in the morning. 

Noom Walk: Noom Walk has an interface that’s sparse and clean. The app claims to use less than 3-4% of your battery, consuming as much juice over twenty-two hours as keeping your screen on for twenty minutes, or just three minutes of GPS usage.

Run Keeper: The app allows you to track any activity you will be doing. You can use the app for running, cycling, walking, hiking and swimming but that’s not all. You can also use it for mountain biking, rowing, and downhill skiing. Social media integration is also handled very well.

Moves: This is an app that distinguishes itself by being easy to use, distraction-free, and useful. It has a clean interface that uses circles of different sizes to represent how many steps you’ve taken, how many minutes you’ve biked, or how many miles you’ve run.

Some of the other Pedometer Apps for Android:

  • Runkeeper Free
  • Runtastic Pedometer
  • Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach
  • Fitbit
  • Pedometer
  • Endmodo Sports Tracker
  • Nike+Running
  • TimeWalker

You can also try some other pedometer apps for Android so that you make yourself fit and healthy.

Benefits of Free Pedometer Apps for Android

Pedometer Apps for Android

Using a Pedometer Apps helps you in keeping track of the steps you take while doing aerobics, running, walking, steps exercise.While starting any fitness activity, you should set some goals and would like to monitor it. For example: If you have to prepare for a marathon which is two months away, You make a schedule of running every morning. Now you run every day and follow the same or different path. Sometimes you feel exhausted and reduce the distance, or sometimes you increase the distance, But you do not have a track of whether your stamina or performance is improving or not. If you do your activity using this Pedometer apps, they will capture the details like distance covered each day, steps taken and duration. You can review your performance after days and weeks to check whether it is improving or not.

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